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Written by Dezry Kay on September 13, 2022

Mamawinnie Makes a Come-back

Mzansi Queen of Kwasakwasa Makes a come back with a career upgrade.

Mrs MW Kakana is the newly appointed General Manager of Dezry Kay Trading, with over three and a half Decades of Experience in the entertainment industry. She is well known by her stage name "Mama Winnie" the hit maker of "1, 2, 3 Divorce" and "Apartheid E Fedile". She made music in different parts of African Countries and was the first South African Artist to embrace "Kwasa Kwasa" Music Genre that originates from DRC. She has worked with some of the highly recommended music producers across Africa and South Africa Merging her Sepedi traditional and cultural sounds with other African Sounds including Congolese Famous Producer Delphin Kabamba.

She has a great ear for music and her stage presence is indicative of her executive talent management skills qualification which is a major part of her job on her new professional role.

The CEO of Dezrykay Trading ( Dezry Kay) says they have been convincing Mama Winnie to take this position for a long time since the beginning of this company. “ Her experience in the entertainment industry is one of those ancient treasures you want to have in your business as newly invented ways of doing things aren’t always reliable, the roots have always been reliably dependable in all conners of life. She did not earn the position because she’s my mother, she deserved it because of her fearlessness and ability to take her talents to different parts of the world with confidence and finesse. “ says Dezry Kay. “ I took all my strength and self believe from her and I believe that artists in our company are blessed to have her manage their career, having walked her path in the industry the way she did in addition to multiplied platforms and strategies can surely make great artists.

Mama Winnie was born and raised in Zebediela, before her staring wonderlasting career begin, she was a school teacher but left it for her greatest passion in the music industry. Although Mama Winnie isn't performing as much as she used to, she still founded the Sepedi Tja Manyalo Dance Crew tittled " Lapologa Women's Clup". They perform at Wedding and different events. She Manages the group and all artists under Dezrykay Trading internationally. Her travels and network across other countries has made her a valuable addition to this company.

When asked why she had not been making music for so long after dropping hits she responded calmly and in acceptance: “ after my third album, I continuously lost siblings. One after another, it was very depressing and scary. I kept on wondering what is happening in my family that everyone departs like that, I feared for my life and all the children left behind. On top of all that I had a responsibility to return back home to Limpopo in zebediela because our tradition and culture stands against an empty home. Someone needed to be at home and all the children had started working others where studying so I had to compromise my career in order to resolve the issues of my parents home. “  Even after Mamawinnie returned to Limpopo she attempted to make more music but this time changed her genre from kwasakwasa to Tja Manyalo. “ I have observed what is working and trending around Limpopo and Tja Manyalo was quite happening. People enjoy that genre in all corners of Limpopo. Even though I have made part of (Basadi Ba setepe) Sepedi wedding dance crew called “Lapologa women’sclub” I thought we would stand out if we dance for our own songs as groups are likely to dance for similar records. Incase we find our self performing amongst other groups of the same genre, we would be different as we are dancing to our original songs.” Says Mamawinnie.

Mamawinnie believes that her presence in the company as General manager of Dezrykay Trading guarantees multiplied number of content creators in five years time; such as  camera operators, editors, script writers and artists. She says that the team that she works with gives her no doubts that their clientele will accumulate as they are very efficient in brand communication services, strategic marketing and the fact that they offering a new age approach backed by over a decade of combined experience in the media industry.


Email: Management@dezrykay.com

Cell: 0722702349


Article written by Dezry Kay
South African Media Personality, International Singer, Limpopo born tea lover, Johannesburg self-care junky. Practices Yoga, Meditation and belly dancing.