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Written by Dezry Kay on September 9, 2021

Bezayit Tadesse and Dezry Kay

If "Africa United" was a friendship and the sisterhood between the two, the world would be a better place.

The inseparable African duo met in 2018, When Model Bezayit Tadesse was competing for Miss Africa Continent. She was by all means representing Ethiopia and the South African Artist Dezry Kay was one of the stage performing acts of the day at Midrand in Johannesburg South Africa.

Both of them are passionate about their African continent and have each contributed their time, love and effort in humanitarian work and youth development organizations. When they had a chance to interact backstage, they discovered that they have so much in common and they totally met for a great reason.

That evening the tittle of their collaboration and friendship "Konjo Sisters" was made official and since then the Konjo Sisters have been unstoppable.

Bezayit Tadesse

Has won many crowns from community pageants in Ethiopia to international pageants including Most Beautiful Girl in the world which was held at Nigeria in 2020 and Miss Africa Continent (1st Princess) 2019 which took place in South Africa.

Bezayit Tadesse has appeared on an impressive number of music videos, radio stations and news papers across Africa, her brand is well known in a few African countries including Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo and of countries her homeland Ethiopia.

She has recently taken into acting and a few TV programs and films that she's featured on will appear on Ethiopian Big Screens.

Look forward to Bezayit Tadesse's next big competition as she's participating for Miss Eco Tourism Africa that's taking place at South Africa in Durban on October 2021.

The featured Photos are reference to how much of fun she's had exploring South Africa and Ethiopia with her fellow Konjo Sister Dezry Kay.

Dezry Kay

Has been a busy bee from the time she landed in the South African Music industry. The ambitious Limpopo raised Media Personality had her hands full with multiple entertainment projects from 2010 and she's still has a great grip of all that she's passionate about.

Dezry Kay is also Known as the Limphop Queen (Limpopo Queen of Hip-hop). Since she was in High School she's been dropping bars full of humorously creative punchlines and a mesmerizing vivid flow. She has dropped an EP titled "From Gravel to Tar" which features her hit single "Kgoshigadi". Kgoshigadi track was nominated at Sepedi Music Awards at Limpopo Polokwane in the year 2018.

That's a big move but not the end of amazing progress for your Limphop Queen as she surprised her fans by showing up on their Big screen as a reality TV host "It's for life" on SABC2 in South Africa.

It's for life was mostly aligned with Dezry's passion for Youth and Social development as she was a loved and honored "Love to Live" ambassador for a couple of years in Kwa Zulu Natal at Pietermaritsburg. Both the TV show and community organization have changed the lives of many young people in South Africa as they provided many life changing opportunities for those who had the ambition, determination and enthusiasm to do better in life with the help of fellow community members who where involved.

The multi-talented Dezry Kay showed off her hardworking spirit when she showed up in a few TV programs including "Pushi Passion" and "Ke mang" on Mzansi Bioskop, "Pelo eja serati" on It's for life SABC2, "Getrout met rugby" on Kyk Net and on a Feature Film called "Deleterious" on Vimeo as an actress.

Dezry Kay's ambition as mentioned above has pushed her to go international with her music career as she now has two songs popular in East Africa. She has recorded Daridari https://youtu.be/lnGvpPctCog in 2019 September and Ewedehalehu https://youtu.be/QPYK6FnlRrA in 2021 April at Ethiopia Addis Ababa in connection with Bezayit Tadesse.

The two beauties proved to the world that their pretty faces are placed on heads full of brains and stunning silhouettes full of talent. African young woman must embrace such unity amongst themselves as Bezayit Tadesse Gizachew and Dezry Kay has proven to the Continent of Africa that Loving each other and lifting each other up carries fruitful results. The two Queens co-managed each other in their careers and went to different countries to claim their seat in the creative industry and up until this day they remain a perfect example of "Queens Fix each other's crowns".

Article written by Dezry Kay
South African Media Personality, International Singer, Limpopo born tea lover, Johannesburg self-care junky. Practices Yoga, Meditation and belly dancing.