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Written by Dezry Kay on October 8, 2021

Cutting the hair is like shedding skin. It is most likely a birth into a new self.

Hair dresser : Mandla Mnguni from Epossivel Hair and beauty at Sandton city Mall in Johannesburg.

When a woman cuts her hair, she feels it's time for a change, not just her outward appearance, but time to make a change about almost everything in her life and for a woman that's what makeover is all about.

There where many reasons to cut my hair.

Two months ago I walked into the Salon and told Lorenzo to cut my hair, they where very shocked as I have had beautiful hair which Mandla has been grooming for years. If he was in the salon that day, he would have never allowed me to cut it 😅

I felt that a lot has happened in my life and every time I promise my self to lead a new path I somehow feel comfortable in delaying the process. I woke up one day feeling not so comfortable about I comfortable I am in delaying the process of leading a new path so I figured that I need to make a major change as a sign of a step forward. Hair came in mind... I drove straight to the salon and cut it. I needed to do it with style so I explained a bobcut to the hair dresser.

Hair renewal

Today I went in for a hair treatment in the best salon at Sandton city... I'll take you through it.

Why I love washing my hair at Epossivel Hair and beauty Salon

The seat by the basins are very comfortable because they are adjustable to the sitter's posture. Hairdressers are all trained to give the best head massages after conditioning a customer's hair as a waiting process before a thorough rinse prior blow drying.

Today was slightly different.

What makes today different is that Mandla put a moose on my hair to enhance the texture and to assist my hair with fastened growth back to the length of my hair dresser's favorite.

... He then styles my hair to my desired final look with the moose on and places my head under the heater to provoke extra benefits and nutritians from the moose to my sculpt and hair. This process takes a couple of minutes to dry up your hair. Once done, he combs the hair and sprays it with an oil sheen to give it a shiny final touch.

Here are five reasons why you should consider trimming your hair (more often that you probably think you need to):

1.Trimming your hair actually encourages hair growth. It may sound counter-intuitive, but the appearance of broken and split-ends not only damages the look and feel of your hair, but it also contributes to the appearance of shorter hair and thinner ends.

2. Freshly cut ends also help to de-tangle your hair! It’s true that damaged hair is harder to maintain and also harder to handle.

3. Avoid unnecessary breakage and frustration by taking care of those split ends before it’s too late!

4. If you decide to hold off on cutting your ends, you actually encourage fizziness!Give your hair an instant boost of thickness by trimming those fried and thinned out ends.

5. Finally, if you’re frustrated about the lack of growth, then trimming your hair more regularly can be the solution to this problem.

Change is good.

Article written by Dezry Kay
South African Media Personality, International Singer, Limpopo born tea lover, Johannesburg self-care junky. Practices Yoga, Meditation and belly dancing.