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Written by Dezry Kay on September 27, 2021

I am proud of myself

I am only 29 years young but I feel like I have accomplished more than half my "to do list".

I did not make Millions of dollars in my journey but rest assured it feels just about the same to be this greatful standing where I am today.

I knew I wanted to be a singer since I was a little girl holding my hair brush in the place of a microphone, performing imaginary lyrics to the mirror. I did hold on to the passion until high school where I started performing for the audience in the rural area communities around my home. Nothing like selling records or being extremely famous mattered. I just loved the kind of joy I got out of entertaining the audience.

Living to do just that was on top of the list but I've developed recognition for my other passions.

I love tea, I'm faithful to it. Only water can get between us.

Tea has always been my thing since I was a child and in the heat of Limpopo summer after school where everyone felt like they could melt, I would go straight to the wood fire and fill up a water can to make tea because it really gave me a refreshing scenery. If you set under the shade of the old indigenous trees in the rural areas and had tea like I did you'll know that nothing on earth feels as wonderful as that. I even promised my beloved tea after reading the a little more about it that I'll forever be devoted to it. I'll never seccumb to inibriation or anything that might take its place in my entire life. Only water can get between us as we all need it to exist... Me and the tea of course... We can't exist without water.

It is so hard to maintain healthy habits, but that's one thing I'm proud of having accomplished thus far.

I am proudly vegan. This to me is a total Win on being disciplined, it is not only about eating healthy but it proves to me that I'm capable of accomplishing everything that I put my mind on. It was so easy for me to say "from tomorrow I'm no longer taking any animal products eg: dairy products, meat, chicken, fish and etc. I am such a rebel because regardless of my knowledge of allergies that I've had my entire life, I still ate everything I did not have to just because I wanted to. I get skin breakouts over chocolates and nuts, I get sinuses over full cream milk and peanuts and I do react to a couple of foods and snacks but I still ate it all because I could. Just like a typical aquarius, one day I woke up and decided that it's time to be vegan and I did just great.

Fitness and spirituality.

Yoga and meditation aren't light to conform to.

I am so proud of the determination, focus and dedication I've applied to this way of life. I now do it just as I breath, take a walk or having a meal. Sooooo easily. I was not always like that but you never really know what you are capable of until you apply yourself.

Before the above, I took into kick boxing and normal cardio but my energy needed to align with my physical activity so that it all form part of being a better version of my self.

I am who I aspired to be

I look into the mirror every now and again to appreciate the Lady that I've become. Some people who know me might be proud of me for whatever reasons they've put together but I am proud of accomplishing the image that got them there.

I am a living example of "never let the outside opinions get louder than your inner voice". I'm not here because I always I always got positive opinions of others, encouragement or a push. I'm here because I was blessed with a strong personality, an independent mentality and a go-getter spirit.

In high school I've had some of my friends tell me over and over again that music is not a career. I did not always get high marks because I spent time writing movie scripts and songs that have never made it to camera or big screens but I was happy and satisfied that I did what pleased me.

From the rural area I grew in, wanting to see yourself on TV was an impossible dream. I've been told to dream on and yet years later the same people watched me on their big screens as I became an actress, TV presenter, performed my music on live TV stages and that I'm Proud of because I've not only dreamed it but I lived it.

I always have my own vision when it comes to my career(s). When I was told my music was not good enough for black South Africans and my lifestyle and behavior was not relatable to my kind, I left my own state/province to showcase my talent to the audients that appreciated my craft, I've started with KZN and I went all the way to East Africa and other countries where the satisfaction of being a creative manifested for me. I'm not Done finding places where my mission works, but from where I stand, I am proud of myself.

Yes I managed to be self employed all these years and no matter what anyone can say, I have one goal and one goal only, to build my brand into one of the most valuable Brands in the world. It's just who I am, my mind conceives it, I see it, I be it and I live it.

Never Let those who believe it's impossible stop you from trying.

Article written by Dezry Kay
South African Media Personality, International Singer, Limpopo born tea lover, Johannesburg self-care junky. Practices Yoga, Meditation and belly dancing.