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Dezry Kay - Ewedihalew - Music Video

This Amharic word “ewedehallehu” means “I love you” in English.

I have always had passion in speaking foreign languages. I feel so great being able to talk to some of the people I come across in their languages. I’m not fluent in most languages I speak right now but that’s the goal. Having traveled to Ethiopia a few times gave me an opportunity to learn to speak some of the Ethiopian languages and to fuse the languages in the music I have made in the country (Ethiopia). Ewedehallehu is my second song at Ethiopia and I have managed to mix up 5 languages in small sentences expressing my love to this “Fine African Man”. I have used Sepedi (My first home language), English (international official language), Amharic and Walayta (Ethiopian languages) and a little bit of Hindi (Indian official language).

Ethiopia Works slightly different from South Africa when it comes to the music industry. I’m greatful that I have managed to adjust my experience, knowledge and strategy in order to get my music done well and lovable to my Ethiopian fans and colleagues. It hasn’t been easy to pull such beautiful projects but with the universe allowing me to meet the most talented, passionate and hard working acquaintances I have managed to have two good quality songs and music videos.

Ewedehallehu is a simple song. It talks about love in different types of sounds, languages, flows and styles. It describes the condition of my heart when I think of this love in particular. The emotions brings different beautiful thoughts to my mind and all which has one face to them. It’s a song that reminds the listener about that feeling of having one person dominate your thoughts and intoxicates your entire presence. Is so much like the air you breath is infused with some kind of drug and you can’t get over it. All that only gets better when you tell that person that you love them in ways you both understand.
Ewedehallehu is a relatable song to everyone who has ever loved someone.

Enjoy the song.