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Written by Dezry Kay on October 27, 2021

Wonderful and joyful relationships are brought by good communication.

Start the day with coffee/routine health drinks and a small chat about the day goals at work to the plans after the professional day.

Communication is Vital.

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before: communication is the key 🔑 to any relationship. It sounds cliché but it’s true. I think it’s really easy to tell people that communication is important in a healthy relationship but it’s not as easy to explain how to communicate. And if we’re never taught how to use this key, then we’ll never be able to open the door to healthy communication.

Express yyour belief in your partner and assure them that they are capable of accomplishing greatness. All their goals will manifest.

Share ideas and feelings

Communication is defined as a lot of things but my favorite definition includes, “the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings”. I always say I’m a great talker, but I have to also be an equally great listener in order to be a great communicator. Communication is about expressing yourself in a healthy way, listening to your partner when they are doing the same, and really hearing and absorbing what the other person has to say.

Talk about everything that comes in mind.

Remember your partner is your best-friend, no topic is of limit. Express your opinions of just anything that goes on around the world and listen to their opinions too.

A relationship has no topic boundaries, most successful romantic partners talk about work, friendship, families, neighbors, pandemic, economy, travels, opportunities, failures and successes…. Etc

Long distance or not, chatting before work and after work just to review what's professionally expected of you helps your partner understand how much more pressure you can take from the outside life and family pressure.

One human being can handle so much, when you have no idea how much your partner is going through professionally, you are likely to over push them personally and ruin your relationship. Both partners are saved by communication : Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.

Do not hesitate to aspire for a perfect fairy tale : It Might just be your reality.

Small creative ways to spend a moment with your partner adds value to your bond.

When the above key is applied, a relationship feels very easy to handle. It becomes a way of life. ☕

Good Morning 🌻

Article written by Dezry Kay
South African Media Personality, International Singer, Limpopo born tea lover, Johannesburg self-care junky. Practices Yoga, Meditation and belly dancing.